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Refund Policy

Go For Vacation Rentals


Generally, no refunds are available for annual subscriptions; listings are sold to run for 12 months.

Once the subscription is paid and the listing is active on Go For Vacation Rentals.Com it is no longer eligible for a refund.

How our Money Back Guarantee works: We want to succeed and we want YOU to succeed. We’re so confident YOU will succeed that we offer this guarantee: Receive 25+ inquiries or minimum 2 bookings in one Membership year, OR claim your Membership money back.

Go for Vacation Rentals by Owner

If your subscription gets automatically renewed without your consent after a 12 months subscription, then you are eligible to request for a refund (In 2 months following the renewal date)

Transfer of Listing to a Third Party: No listing may be transferred to another party. In the event of a property sale or change in property management, Go for Vacation Rentals by Owner.Com will provide guidance on options for creating a new listing.

If you sell your property or you no longer wish for the listing to remain online, please contact us support@goforvacationrentals.com and we can remove the listing; however, no refund will be owed.