Which are the Best and Most Affordable Places to Visit in Florida?

  • By: Peter
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One can always visit Florida and enjoy the sunshine on the beaches. The best part is that a trip to Florida is very much affordable, as the place hosts several places to explore free of cost. One can enjoy easy-breezy places and have a relaxing holiday away from their work life.
Here is a curated list of some of the best and the most affordable places to visit in Florida: 
  • Cocoa Beach
If you are someone who enjoys the old school and friendly vibes, then surely, Cocoa Beach is the place to be. The entire environment and the vibe of the site is stimulating and chirpy. Moreover, there are tons of hotels and beach rentals around the area within a distance of the sand. One can enjoy at the Cocoa Beach for free of cost, without spending a single penny. The temperature at the beach is also enjoyable and smooth. It is best to visit the beach during the evening time. There are many activities which the tourists can indulge in at the beach, such as:
Cruise peeing from the Canaveral port 
Surfing and catching the waves on the Beach. It is the same beach where Kelly Slater, the world champion surfer, had grown up.
Strolling on the historical bricked streets at the Cocoa Village.
  • Gainesville
This is the centermost town of Florida and is considered a college town. The place offers a range of inexpensive and free activities. The site is overall cheap, and it costs way less than any fast food lunch for the kids to wander around the beautiful butter rainforest situated at the Florida Museum. In the evening does not cost must look out for bats at the Bat House and UF Bat Barn. Gainesville is home to some of the top-rated freshwater springs considered as a perfect one-day getaway. Itchetucknee Springs is found being very refreshing, especially during the hot summer months. 
  • Ponce Inlet
This is the place which one should visit during the months of summer. It is during this time that the population of snowbird migrates back to the northern area for the season off. The city hosts some wide and stunning beaches. Also, it is home to one of the most famous Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse, which is a perfect place to explore the various restaurants such as the Hatch Seafood Company beckon or fish camp-style down which serve some delicious seafood baskets. One can enjoy the beautiful sea view.
  • Marathon
This is considered as one of the best places in the keys for a family to have an affordable family vacation. This place is cozy and warm, where families visit for a getaway and relax. The site hosts several activities such as blast biking or strolling around the Mile Bridge, which leads the person to Pigeon Key. All that a tourist requires is a snorkel and a mast to admire and enjoy the swirling of tropical fish in the Sombrero Beach.