Seven Texas Festivals You will Only Find In The Lone Star State

  • Apr 10 2020
  • By: Sam
Seven Texas Festivals You will  Only Find In The Lone Star State

It might not be summer without festivals, and fortunately, there are many of them to look over here in Texas. Regardless of whether you need to go through a weekend chowing down on a portion of the state's best grill, watching calf roping and bull riding, or tuning in to some good old blues music, there's a festival for almost everything in the Lone Star State – and we wouldn't have it some other way. Coming up next are seven Texas festivals you'll only find in the Lone Star State that guarantees to be an enjoyable time for the entire family during their stay in a beautiful Texas vacation home.


Alamo Watermelon Festival

Where it counts South in Alamo, Texas, cool, delicious cuts of watermelon mean to slay the searing Texan sun. This watermelon festival does only the tick to keeping the warmth under control for the normal melon-head. Watermelon by the cut, live fun, and a collection of different activities will cause you to disregard that potential for third-degree burns.


Simply Texas Blues Festival

The Simply Texas Blues Festival started in 2009 with certain companions needing to put on an act, said Alex Cunningham, leader of the San Angelo Blues Society. Their first stage was a flatbed trailer. If you're an enthusiast of the blues, this festival is unquestionably for you.

WurstFest in New Braunfels

A festival of all issues German and frankfurter, this festival has been going for a reason since the mid-1960s. Situated close to the headwaters of the beautiful Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas, where you'll appreciate great food, music, dance, energizing jamboree rides and games, German, Texan and household beer, unique events and the best in Alpine and Bavarian Style Entertainment.


Maifest in Brenham

Since 1881, the local soul of this little city has been on the bleeding edge of what Maifest is about, with specific thought given to the young people of the city. It is one of the numerous most established festivals in Texas.


Memorial Day Weekend

Patriotism runs profound into our core here in Texas, so going to a Memorial Day festival is an easy decision. These sorts of festivities will, in general, be the best in small towns, and Granbury's is no special case. The merriments kick-off on May 26, with family events, artwork corners, food sellers, live music, vintage military vehicles, a sausage eating challenge, and the sky is the limit from there. The official function is for giving proper respect to each one of the individuals who battled and died.


Dripping Springs' Dripping with Taste Wine and Food Festival

This 11-year-old fest observes Hill Country life with live Americana music, grape stepping, and, fittingly, live football matches on large screens. All wines and food sellers belong to Texas.


El Paso Balloon Festival

This is effectively one of the most foreseen occasions of the year by El Paso occupants. Nothing signifies the beginning of summer, very like watching several tourist balloons fill the sky with stunning dusk behind them. The specific date during the current year is TBA, but it will be at some point not long from now. You won't have any desire to miss this weekend-long occasion.

As you may see, Texas festivals are more noteworthy than just a variety of kiddy rides and suppers on a stick. They're tied in with praising the historical past of the world, its people, and all that epitomizes being a pleased Texan. For the individuals who abide for making unmistakable memories alongside your relatives, getting the Texas Vacation rentals for an excursion to anyone among these or different festivals is a must.